Everyone knows that we should eat a balanced diet, but we come across bumps in the road of life that divert our attention from ourselves and our families, and what we eat, all too often.

Once in a great while is to be expected, but missing regular meals, or skipping large portions of them, can lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals over time.

You as an adult need these to maintain your body, and your growing children need these nutrients to grow up healthy and strong. Without them, all age groups’ health can suffer. There’s some newer information that you might want to know about this that will help you relax about your dietary intake.

Nutritionists used to say that every meal had to have all of
the basic food groups in it, and for vegetarians and vegans, that a complete protein couldn’t be made unless all components were included in the same meal. Recently, these pieces of advice have changed.banana

Now, nutritionists explain that this is true for a 24 – 36 hour period, not the much smaller window of the past. So if you are on the run between soccer practice, a birthday party, a dentist visit, and the task of paying the utilities in person, you might want to know that your family won’t suffer just because you forgot to include a vegetable with the evening meal, and forgot to pack the kids’ snack bags with a piece of fruit the next day.

For vegans and vegetarians, those days of trying to fit all the basic aspects of a complete protein into one meal are gone. Now you can include part here in one meal, another later as a snack, and have a complete protein. There’s no reason to gorge yourself trying to fit it all into one part of the day. You don’t have to create the same meals all the time anymore, either. Your body is smart enough to store these nutrients short-term, in hopes that your body will consume the missing components.


The Three Week Diet Plan

There are many reasons people choose to go on a diet. Although it is better to just eat healthily and be of a good weight all the time, many of us make poor nutrition choices due to our hectic day-to-day schedules. Some reasons people need to lose a lot of weight in a short time are:

* Fitting into a specific outfit for a particular event
* Obese person needing to lose weight for a surgery
* You have gotten overweight during the past few years and wanted to feel like you again
* Better quality of life
* Helps get rid of some health problems such as diabetes

How Often Should You Eat

Eating every three to four hours is the best way to lose weight, and to keep it off. This will keep up your metabolism. Each meal should be between 200 and 400 calories, depending upon your goals for your body and how much calories your body burns in a day.

What You Should Eat

You should eat well-balanced meals, with a protein source, a carbohydrate source, and some vegetables. If you are hungry in between meals, eat something healthy and sugar-free. Low carb and no sugar are the things that you need to go by when choosing your meals. Never eat more than one serving of a carbohydrate source at one time. And never let yourself be hungry when you are trying to lose weight, this will have the opposite effect. Some healthy choices include:

Proteins Carbohydrates Vegetables

do not pass on veggies* Chicken * Sweet Potato * Broccoli
* Pork * Potato * Cucumber
* Beef * Bagel * Carrots
* Eggs * Brown Rice * Mushrooms
* Protein Shake or Bar * Oatmeal * Pickles
* Powdered Peanut Butter * Pasta * Peas

When choosing a protein shake or bar instead of meat, be sure it has no more than three grammes of sugar at the most. Two or less is better. To accelerate weight loss, you can skip the carbs and eat two servings of protein. If you do not exercise at all, this is probably the best way to go, as all carbohydrate sources that are not burned off through exercise will turn into body fat.

What You Should Not Eat

Anything that is processed food is probably not going to help you lose weight. They usually have a high sodium content or are high in carbohydrates, or both. Trying to find time to make your healthy meals is not always easy and sometimes not possible at all, but try to cook for yourself if you can. You will weigh less this way as you pay more attention to what goes into your mouth.

* Something to keep in mind that is helpful is the saying “if it’s round, it will make you round.”
* Always say no to desserts and fried foods.

Some things to avoid when trying to lose weight include:

* pizza
* cake
* cookies
* doughnuts
* excessive portions of carbohydrates
* sugar, including natural sugar
* cheese
* large amounts of butter
* candy

Once a week you can allow yourself a “cheat”. Only one serving of something like pizza, pancakes, or pie is acceptable.


get a good night sleep in your bed

These pillows are becoming popular and are one of the most trending materials in the market. People did not know about them before, but now, they are in high demand. However, some customers are still not aware of why latex pillows are better than the conventional pillows.

Types of Latex Pillows

Latex is from the sap of rubber trees. However, there is an artificial latex that is made from petrochemicals. Sometimes, manufacturers combine the two types to create latex that has the benefits of both natural and artificial materials. There are three types of latex materials. These include;

Natural – Made from the sap of rubber trees

Blended – A combination of both synthetic and natural latex providing the best of both materials

Synthetic – Made from a combination of petrochemicals in the laboratory.
Latex pillows provide a lot of advantages for shoppers who seek to change from other conventional pillows.

They Do Not Bulge Downwards

amazing quality of latex pillowsThis nature is because of the firm but natural elastic material that the cushion contains. The cushions provide a comfortable sleeping position because they adjust to the sleeping status of the body.

They Are Durable

Latex pillows have durable materials that can withstand friction. They contain latex that is obtained from Rubber trees that have grown for decades.

Latex Pillows Do Not Dampen

Allows the sleeping accessory to stay dry and clean throughout its use. The dry nature prevents the growth of bacteria and other organisms which are rampant in other pillows. As a result, it does not cause the skin reaction.

Latex Foam is Breathable

The Rubber cell structure which is unique. The contents provide a ventilation system that is natural which is mostly beneficial during cold seasons where the consumer feels the warmth and generates coolness in summer seasons.

Favourable Purchase Terms

One of the common purchase terms is that latex pillow buyers get a 5-year warranty. This assurance gives confidence to the customer during purchase. They come in pairs along with removable covers that can be interchanged or washed. These purchase terms are not common to all types of pillows.

Maintenance Is Easy

Latex pillows do not attract dust or any microorganism. Therefore, no much cleaning is needed. The water resistant aspect means that they do not collect moisture that breeds germs. This allows owners to use the spot treatment technique when cleaning.

This is a product for anyone who is looking forward to experiencing these benefits. Satisfaction ratings are also higher compared to pillows made from memory foam. The ratings are a clear indication that consumers have had good experiences.

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Everyone wants to be healthy, or at least healthier than what they are. Recent evidence from a study in 2012 at the University of Michigan that was re-looked at shows that the elderly (50 and over were more inclined to go for a daily walk if they owned a dog.

Other studies have shown over the years that owning a pet can increase feelings of happiness and reduce the effects of stress. Some even say that animals that we care for can help some people live longer, too. Why would animals in our lives make us healthier?

There might be several reasons animals make us healthier, but the effects have been uniformly for keeping a pet. Having a friend from the animal kingdom is also a good way to help teach children different types of responsibility, from primary feeding and grooming to compassion for others.

Adults, both young and old, can benefit from knowing that there is always someone looking forward to their return from work, and who doesn’t need to know every detail of their lives away from home. Unconditional love goes a long way toward reducing cortisol levels and helping to boost endorphins.

amazing power of the goldfishesThose with allergies might want to find a fish tank or other non-allergenic pet. Some believe it isn’t just the tactile aspect that gives pet owners a boost over non-pet owners. It might be the care and responsibility part, the aspect of being needed, not to mention being unconditionally accepted by another living creature. Allergies should not hold someone back from feeling appreciated and needed by a pet.

From a common goldfish or two in a fishbowl to a tropical frog in an arboretum, to a beautiful and exotic snake that makes a rare appearance, pets are a wonderful way to boost your overall health. Allergies should not hold you back from finding ways to boost your health. Not all pets will create an allergic reaction.



Taking Care of Your General Health While Travelling

Sometimes we travel for business and other times when we travel it’s for our pleasure – vacation, visiting friends and family, or just to take in a different scenery. Our health and state of mind are always with us, and we can never really take a vacation from that.

Before you travel, even for a short trip, there are some basic things you should keep in mind.

Variations of these tips can be made for travelling by ship, train, bus, or car. It isn’t only about travelling safely. It’s also about protecting your health, no matter where you are, even in transit.

partying on a sandy beachYou have to eat, but when you’re travelling, it can seem tempting to grab a couple of bites here and a few there. It might be okay, but it can also lead to stomach problems if you don’t watch what it is that you are eating. Greasy burgers can cause diarrhoea to set quickly in.

Fruit stands can do the same if you can’t wash the fruit in clean running water. It’s always a better idea to pack food that needs no preparation. A loaf of bread, some restaurant-sized packs of mayo, tuna in cans or sealed bags, a can opener (if needed), and maybe even a few unshelled hard-cooked eggs can do the trick. Bowls and plates required to serve the number of people with you can make a quick, but much healthier lunch than a fast food place can provide.

A few bottles of water, if travelling by car, should be enough for drinking and handwashing needs, but for those travelling by plane or other means, especially, might want to pack a bit of hand sanitizer. While it might be available in the bathroom area on a plane, germs are also spread by those sitting near you, where there is no alcohol gel. It only takes a dime-sized drop to sanitise your hands.

It keeps germs down and helps you keep from catching someone else’s cold or flu.

meet and engage with the locals
Meet and engage with the locals

In other words, keeping yourself healthy can be done simply by making sure you have access to the same food and means to keep yourself clean, and your health won’t take the dip that many people suffer from when travelling. Getting from point A to point B can be fun for many, but it is still stressful, and sometimes, this stress makes those travellings forget things that they’ve taken for granted at home.