Everyone knows that we should eat a balanced diet, but we come across bumps in the road of life that divert our attention from ourselves and our families, and what we eat, all too often.

Once in a great while is to be expected, but missing regular meals, or skipping large portions of them, can lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals over time.

You as an adult need these to maintain your body, and your growing children need these nutrients to grow up healthy and strong. Without them, all age groups’ health can suffer. There’s some newer information that you might want to know about this that will help you relax about your dietary intake.

Nutritionists used to say that every meal had to have all of
the basic food groups in it, and for vegetarians and vegans, that a complete protein couldn’t be made unless all components were included in the same meal. Recently, these pieces of advice have changed.banana

Now, nutritionists explain that this is true for a 24 – 36 hour period, not the much smaller window of the past. So if you are on the run between soccer practice, a birthday party, a dentist visit, and the task of paying the utilities in person, you might want to know that your family won’t suffer just because you forgot to include a vegetable with the evening meal, and forgot to pack the kids’ snack bags with a piece of fruit the next day.

For vegans and vegetarians, those days of trying to fit all the basic aspects of a complete protein into one meal are gone. Now you can include part here in one meal, another later as a snack, and have a complete protein. There’s no reason to gorge yourself trying to fit it all into one part of the day. You don’t have to create the same meals all the time anymore, either. Your body is smart enough to store these nutrients short-term, in hopes that your body will consume the missing components.


The Three Week Diet Plan

There are many reasons people choose to go on a diet. Although it is better to just eat healthily and be of a good weight all the time, many of us make poor nutrition choices due to our hectic day-to-day schedules. Some reasons people need to lose a lot of weight in a short time are:

* Fitting into a specific outfit for a particular event
* Obese person needing to lose weight for a surgery
* You have gotten overweight during the past few years and wanted to feel like you again
* Better quality of life
* Helps get rid of some health problems such as diabetes

How Often Should You Eat

Eating every three to four hours is the best way to lose weight, and to keep it off. This will keep up your metabolism. Each meal should be between 200 and 400 calories, depending upon your goals for your body and how much calories your body burns in a day.

What You Should Eat

You should eat well-balanced meals, with a protein source, a carbohydrate source, and some vegetables. If you are hungry in between meals, eat something healthy and sugar-free. Low carb and no sugar are the things that you need to go by when choosing your meals. Never eat more than one serving of a carbohydrate source at one time. And never let yourself be hungry when you are trying to lose weight, this will have the opposite effect. Some healthy choices include:

Proteins Carbohydrates Vegetables

do not pass on veggies* Chicken * Sweet Potato * Broccoli
* Pork * Potato * Cucumber
* Beef * Bagel * Carrots
* Eggs * Brown Rice * Mushrooms
* Protein Shake or Bar * Oatmeal * Pickles
* Powdered Peanut Butter * Pasta * Peas

When choosing a protein shake or bar instead of meat, be sure it has no more than three grammes of sugar at the most. Two or less is better. To accelerate weight loss, you can skip the carbs and eat two servings of protein. If you do not exercise at all, this is probably the best way to go, as all carbohydrate sources that are not burned off through exercise will turn into body fat.

What You Should Not Eat

Anything that is processed food is probably not going to help you lose weight. They usually have a high sodium content or are high in carbohydrates, or both. Trying to find time to make your healthy meals is not always easy and sometimes not possible at all, but try to cook for yourself if you can. You will weigh less this way as you pay more attention to what goes into your mouth.

* Something to keep in mind that is helpful is the saying “if it’s round, it will make you round.”
* Always say no to desserts and fried foods.

Some things to avoid when trying to lose weight include:

* pizza
* cake
* cookies
* doughnuts
* excessive portions of carbohydrates
* sugar, including natural sugar
* cheese
* large amounts of butter
* candy

Once a week you can allow yourself a “cheat”. Only one serving of something like pizza, pancakes, or pie is acceptable.