Taking Care of Your General Health While Travelling

Sometimes we travel for business and other times when we travel it’s for our pleasure – vacation, visiting friends and family, or just to take in a different scenery. Our health and state of mind are always with us, and we can never really take a vacation from that.

Before you travel, even for a short trip, there are some basic things you should keep in mind.

Variations of these tips can be made for travelling by ship, train, bus, or car. It isn’t only about travelling safely. It’s also about protecting your health, no matter where you are, even in transit.

partying on a sandy beachYou have to eat, but when you’re travelling, it can seem tempting to grab a couple of bites here and a few there. It might be okay, but it can also lead to stomach problems if you don’t watch what it is that you are eating. Greasy burgers can cause diarrhoea to set quickly in.

Fruit stands can do the same if you can’t wash the fruit in clean running water. It’s always a better idea to pack food that needs no preparation. A loaf of bread, some restaurant-sized packs of mayo, tuna in cans or sealed bags, a can opener (if needed), and maybe even a few unshelled hard-cooked eggs can do the trick. Bowls and plates required to serve the number of people with you can make a quick, but much healthier lunch than a fast food place can provide.

A few bottles of water, if travelling by car, should be enough for drinking and handwashing needs, but for those travelling by plane or other means, especially, might want to pack a bit of hand sanitizer. While it might be available in the bathroom area on a plane, germs are also spread by those sitting near you, where there is no alcohol gel. It only takes a dime-sized drop to sanitise your hands.

It keeps germs down and helps you keep from catching someone else’s cold or flu.

meet and engage with the locals
Meet and engage with the locals

In other words, keeping yourself healthy can be done simply by making sure you have access to the same food and means to keep yourself clean, and your health won’t take the dip that many people suffer from when travelling. Getting from point A to point B can be fun for many, but it is still stressful, and sometimes, this stress makes those travellings forget things that they’ve taken for granted at home.