Everyone wants to be healthy, or at least healthier than what they are. Recent evidence from a study in 2012 at the University of Michigan that was re-looked at shows that the elderly (50 and over were more inclined to go for a daily walk if they owned a dog.

Other studies have shown over the years that owning a pet can increase feelings of happiness and reduce the effects of stress. Some even say that animals that we care for can help some people live longer, too. Why would animals in our lives make us healthier?

There might be several reasons animals make us healthier, but the effects have been uniformly for keeping a pet. Having a friend from the animal kingdom is also a good way to help teach children different types of responsibility, from primary feeding and grooming to compassion for others.

Adults, both young and old, can benefit from knowing that there is always someone looking forward to their return from work, and who doesn’t need to know every detail of their lives away from home. Unconditional love goes a long way toward reducing cortisol levels and helping to boost endorphins.

amazing power of the goldfishesThose with allergies might want to find a fish tank or other non-allergenic pet. Some believe it isn’t just the tactile aspect that gives pet owners a boost over non-pet owners. It might be the care and responsibility part, the aspect of being needed, not to mention being unconditionally accepted by another living creature. Allergies should not hold someone back from feeling appreciated and needed by a pet.

From a common goldfish or two in a fishbowl to a tropical frog in an arboretum, to a beautiful and exotic snake that makes a rare appearance, pets are a wonderful way to boost your overall health. Allergies should not hold you back from finding ways to boost your health. Not all pets will create an allergic reaction.